Wednesday, January 6, 2010

all night

Sophia slept all night last night!!!  Maybe it's the melatonin finally working or the fact she didn't have a nap yesterday, whichever it was we didn't hear from her till SIX A.M.!!!!!  That's the first time in four months she has slept the whole night and when she woke up I put her in bed with me and Trent and she went back to sleep for 45 more minutes.  Now if she can keep that up her and Brooklyn will sleep in the same room.  I think we will have  just the beds in one room and have all the toys and t.v. in the other.  I guess we'll see tonight if this is going to be a trend or not.  I sure hope it is because today I actually don't feel tired.  I am going to give it till the end of the month.  If she is still sleeping through the night then I'll move the beds around.

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Kristen said...

How exciting!!! I hope it keeps up.