Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our House

Last night I talked to my grandma and she has never seen a picture of our house. This was from last Friday (1/18?) with the first round of cold weather. We also have a garage but these were taken from the inside window and the car so it's the best I have!  I was going to go outside and take on this morning but so far I'm just to warm to go out in the cold!  We didn't really get snow. It's just ice, but still pretty. Last Friday I ended up working, which was just misreable. We had to make a few trips to the auction. One of the trips I drove a car with no window, no heater, and no defrost!  By the time we made it my feet were so cold I could barely walk!  I spent five out of six work hours driving in the weather and fighting traffic!  Fun, not so much. Yesterday I went to work but we shut it down around 12:45. Still got some time in. This cold weather isn't very nice to those that are hourly!  Trent also made it home a few minutes after me. It has been nice spending some extra time with the family and just being home. Today we are iced in so we are defitnally not going anywhere!  We have some board games planned and maybe chilie for supper. I am really looking forward to today!

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