Sunday, January 5, 2014

Down with the sickness

I don't mean just one sickness. Lots of little viruses have hot our family. I had a respitory infection that has left me with a nasty cough. Trent has a stomached virus right now. Poor guy is running fever asleep. The girls had a virus of some sort that had them Tired and running fever. After a few days they started violently throwing up (this was a Thursday night). On the Monday after I called their dr
 Who wasn't in town but I got an appointment with a dr in central for 3pm. She immediately send us to Our Lady of the Lake pediatric emergency room. Since she had called ahead we didn't really have to wait long, maybe five minutes, to be seen. We went back and first they had to take blood and hooked the girls up to an IV. I figured Brooklyn would be the scaredest so I stayed by her. Her IV went in just fine and they got all the blood they needed. I went to check on Sophia. It didn't go so well for her. She was so dehydrated that she had six blown veins. They ended up putting the IV in her wrist. Apparently they don't normally do that because there is a major artery there. Once she got settled we all went back to Brooklyn's room. Trent had gotten there by this point. They had been giving Brooklyn zofran and an IV and she was feeling much much better. She even ate something. They said she was only mildly dehydrated and after the IV could be discharged. Trent took her home, gave her a blessing, and put her to bed. Sophia on the other hand was severely dehydrated and had to be admitted. In the er she was so tired she was sleeping and actually had diareah while she slept!  My dad called the mission office missionaries and they were able to come give Sophia a blessing even thought it was after their curfew.  We got to our room about ten pm. All night nurses kept coming in and checking on us. Tuesday morning Sophia had to do a liquid breakfast which she didn't really eat and it gave her diareah.  The dr said if she kept lunch down we could be discharged. When inch came around she ate her sand which like she had never eaten food before!  She didn't throw it up so a couple of hours later we were discharged!  I got home around three or four where mrs. Murl and Brooklyn had spent the day watching tv in mine and Trent's bed. Everyone feeling much better!  Around 4:30 my mom called and said to not worry about supper. I thought maybe she was ordering us a pizza or something. Around 5:30 her and my dad showed up with supper and presents in hand!  I was so surprised and thankful to see them. It really made my dad. I am very thankful to have such caring and loving parents. Also such a loving mother in law. Both sets of parents do so much for us. The girls so far have not relapsed. The girls were well enough to spend some time with the in laws. Now they are in Vidalia for the week. We can focus on disinfecting the house and getting Trent better. This stomach virus has hit him pretty hard. 

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Jessica said...

my poor sweet girls!

and bart had a butt tummy virus from the night before we drove home til new years day or later. :( hope trent gets over it quickly!