Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cold weather

OSometime in the very beginning of January it got really really cold. Our pipes froze. Trent went to his moms to shower for work. I heated bottled water on the stove top to wash my hair. Luckily the girls weren't here. I went to work but kept coming home to check everything. Luckily the pipes didn't bust and by supper we had water. The crazy thing is I had the water dripping when we went to bed!  The second night I defiantly had the water dripping harder!  Lesson learned!  The picture underneath is our neighbors tree!


Jessica said...

did those tree limbs break off? we haven't had an ice storm this winter (not like a man made ice covered tree, but ice covers everything, hate it way more then any snow!).
maybe we won't at all this year!

Levi Eslinger said...

Letting the faucet drip a little during cold nights can help prevent your pipes from freezing. You're very fortunate that your pipes didn't burst, as that seems to be the theme of most homeowners this winter. You dodged a bullet on that one. Seems like you had a lucky winter this year!
Levi Eslinger @