Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sophia, Sophia, Sophia

 Jan 29th
Sophia has started riding the bus from school to the super market next to my work.  It's one of the drop off locations for head start.  It is so nice to take 10 minutes to walk over and get her off the bus, instead of the hour is was taking me to pick her up and come back to work!  My newish schedule is mon, tues, wed, fri 8:30-3 thurs 9:30-3.  I like work and I love that I can have her here in the afternoons with me until its time to get Brooklyn from school.
The last picture is much worse in person.  I was talking to Mrs. Jackie out side and Sophia can running up screaming.  She had hit the edge of the house with her arm.  The skin didn't break but its really bruised!
Trent found out yesterday that he had to go to Arkansas hopefully for the last time.  It's just from wed till friday.  He had someone come with him so hopefully it gets finished and he won't have to go back.
This week was week one if anytime fitness.  I have really enjoyed working out again.  I love how much better I feel.  I am so sad I can't work out wed or thurs since Trent is gone.  He works out in the morning before work and I go at night after the girls are in bed.  I think this arrangement is going to work and soon we will both be feeling and looking much better!

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