Wednesday, January 16, 2013

service and sickness

 Sophia at work with me when her school was closed.  It had rained so much the water had risen and the sewer system at her school was overflowing! She told everyone who walked in she was the boss and was in charge!  That was definitely ok with us. (Jan 11)
 (Jan 12)
 (Jan 14)  I finally broke down and bought every one umbrellas.  As soon as the girls got home from school they wanted to play with them outside.  I gave them 2 minutes.  It was cold!  Brooklyn picked a black one with cute flowers.  Sophia picked a bright orange dinosaur one!
 (Jan 16 for the rest of the pictures)
 Sophia has a 103.1 fever!  She also has her bad cough back again.  I feel so bad for her, tomorrow is p.j. day at school and she might miss it.  She has been so excited about wearing her new p.j.'s to school but she might be wearing them to the dr!  Hopefully it's just a bad cough.  In December a bad cough led to a chest infection.  That lead to a seriously bad ear infection and pneumonia!  I don't think she had really recovered completely from that.  Honestly with all of this bad weather I'm not surprised at all she's sick.

This week and last week I have had two opportunities to stop, in the cold cold rain and help people with broken down vehicles.  I am in no way bragging but it did make me feel like I was making a difference and truly serving our fellow man.  (Thank you daddy for teaching me some basic car skills) I find it sad that not many people stop to help.  Last week I even had people honking their horns at us!  And a police officer was in the traffic waiting and never got out to check on what was going on.  Today we were passed by an officer, he didn't even slow down.  Today I saw a car with their flashers on and passed them like everyone else.  I decided to back up and see if the person needed any help.  It was a mom with a young son, and a flat.  She was on her way to car pool to pick up her other son.  I loaded the mom and boy up and we went and got our kids together.  On the way there I called the missionaries to see if they could come help.  They were in fact in the area and had a lull in their day and would be more then willing to help.  By the time we got back to the car they were their!  We got her tire changed and found out the spare was flat too!  In the time before that I found out we had some things in common and even live in the same subdivision!  We exchanged numbers and i brought her home.  Her husband will pick up the car when he gets home from work.  When we got home I talked to the girls about service (more about this instance then last week because last week I was by myself on the way to work).  I talked to them about how helping Mrs. Cassie we were "serving our fellow man" and how we should always look for instances to help no matter how big or small they are.  I know I do a lot of lecturing to them about helping others.  I know the best way to teach is by example.  I even really liked her.  You never know I might have made a new friend!

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Great job, JB! I really enjoy checking out what's going on with you guys:).

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