Monday, August 20, 2012

Brooklyn's first day of school

When Brooklyn got into the car I asked her how her first day went.  "Good", is how she replied!  I started asking non yes or no questions and didn't get much out of her.  Her teachers name is Mrs. Davenport.  Natalie Unck is in her class.  They read a story about racoons, and went on a "hunt" around school.  On that "hunt" she saw Tyler Unck and Mrs. Samantha her speech teacher.  I made cupcakes the day before and brought them up there.  Well when I was frosting them she asked why did I frost them all when I KNOW she doesn't like frosting!  I told her she could just take the frosting off in the afternoon.  She made sure to tell me her teacher was nice enough to take the frosting off her cupcake!  When we got home she told me she was alittle sad.  I asked her why and she replied "because my teacher didn't teach me to read today!"  I explained it took more than one day to learn to read.  I guess I better get busy with her site words!

On another note I called heard start again today and should know today or tomorrow if Sissy is accepted.  Hopefully today!

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Jessica said...

Site words are a GREAT help to getting to read. So is reading with her, running your finger under the words as you go.