Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My new eating lifestyle

Here are a few pictures of the valentines dinner.  The kids got pizza and chips.  This post isn't about that though.  This post is about my new eating.  I think I have been doing well with it.  I have only gone off the plan two or three times.  I have stayed strong.  I do feel better and my stomach seems to be doing better as well.  The only problem is to feel good I have to eat 2 salads a day!  Seriously I like salad but I also enjoy other foods!  I have even noticed a difference between cook veggies and raw veggies.  My body definitely likes the raw ones.  And on top of eating like rabbit you would think I would loose a pound or two!  That hasn't happened either!  I have gotten into the world of strictly whole wheat.  I haven't even bought bread in three weeks.  No one has seemed to notice we don't have any in the house we will continue to leave it in the store.  I have made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies that are delicious and whole wheat rolls (also delicious).  Lots more fruit and veggies for thr girls too.  They are grabbing oranges and bananas for snack instead of cookies or chips.  So all in all we are getting much healthier here.  I have my return appointment on the 13th of March.  I think its going to go well and I'll just be told to keep eating like I am and all will be well.

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