Thursday, September 29, 2011


Tonight I was elected Parent Committee President and the Nutritional Rep for Brooklyn's school.  I was running against this girl who has been involved with the head start program for a few years now and was completely shocked when my named was announced as president!  I am really excited and think I will do a good job filling both positions.  I'll just throw that into the hat along with everything else going on.  Now that I have decided to start doing the farmers market I have been super busy sewing.  I need to pause on all of that so I can get baby Aubree's blessing gown made.  She'll be blessed in 1 week!  I have a time line written out on what t get finished on what day so I'll be able to get it all done and have my sanity.  I love my busy life.  I am sure Trent will be glad when I have some product to sell so we don;t have to push my sewing stuff out of the way on the table to eat supper!!!  I surely won't be complaining when I make some money!

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Katie E. said...

You go girl! I am happy for you Mrs. President. I also really admire how crafty you are. YouTube is teaching me to sew, but it is a slow process. I can't wait to see pictures of your farmers market stuff.