Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Omen

You know the scene from the movie the Omen when they take toddler Damien to church and the closer they get the louder and more freaked out he gets?  Sophia has been acting like that every time we shop at the Walker Walmart.  Now I have personal bad feeling twords that one but who knew it would rub off onto her?  She screams and kicks and throws punches and last time even bit me when we went there. Now Damien was evil and knew the church was good.  I think Sissy is good and knows that the Walker walmart is sub par compared to Denham.  They NEVER have enough registers open.  They are smaller with less selection, and their workers are mostly rude or ignore you (in my experience).  I have even reported them to 1-800-wal-mart before.  I was beginning to think day time grocery shopping wasn't going to be an option for me any more.  The only reason I have been shopping there is because Brooklyns school is on that same street.  This morning I needed to go into Denham so I decided to go to that Walmart.  Sissy was an Angel!  No crying or biting or anything,  I didn't even have to tell her to come to me once!  Coincidence?  I think not!  I have decided to shield my children from the evils that are in the walker walmart and drive the extra inconvenient miles to the good Denham one.

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Jill Britt said...

Ok, this made me laugh out loud!