Friday, August 26, 2011


So Wednesday we Brooklyn's first day of school and Sophia's first alone, non-family babysitting experience.  I was more worried with Sophia then Brooklyn but when I got to Cherie's house Sissy walked right in and told me bye.  No problems there.  I breathed a little.  When we got to school Brooklyn was greeted by her teacher and assistant and the room Maw-Maw.  She walked right in and didn't look back.  It was orientation day so only 7 kids out of the 20 were going to be there (I think 4 showed up).  Orientation was brutal.  Everything we had been told before.  After the parents were released I went in to get a picture of Brooklyn in her class.  The assistant Mrs. Shelia (Mrs. Brown is the teacher and Mrs. Sue is the room Maw-Maw)  was praising how detailed Brooklyn's drawing was and how she was actually TALKING some to every body.  I got my picture and with a quick kiss and left.  Then I went to walmart by MYSELF!  When I went to pick Sissy up Cherie and I decided to go celebrate Brooklyn's first day of school with some yummy Chinese.  When I picked Brooklyn up the teacher said She did very well.  She laughed and said for lunch B "tried" her tuna sandwich because momma always makes her try new things, but she only ate ALL of her peas and asked for more.  The Mrs. Brown was surprised because not many 4 year old eat that well! There I did find out that one of the ladies from church is the room mawmaw in the class right next to Brooklyn's so that made me feel a lot better.  There were no tears on either side.  This is going to be a great experience for her.  I really think it is where she needs to be to get ready for kindergarten.

Today is her first day with all of the kids in the class.  I am hoping it goes as well as Wednesday did.  I've got a busy day.  I'm delivering a cake, getting the car, inspected, maybe going to old navy, getting Brooklyn, and last going to the temple for a sealing session.  I am super excited the girls are spending the night with Mrs. Murl so maybe I can sleep past 5:30!

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