Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poor Brooklyn

Monday morning we had our enrollment meeting for Head Start.  We have gotten all paper work finished and assigned a class!  Brooklyn needed to get her school shots and a wellness check to be completely finished.  Her Dr.'s office was able to get her in that afternoon.  She is completely healthy.  When it came time to do the shots she started to panic some.  She had to get four of those suckers!  After that they had to draw blood for a lead and iron test.  The nurse thought she was going to be nice and just prick her finger.  After the THIRD finger prick and still no blood she had to go through a vein in the arm.  By this time Brooklyn was besides herself she was so upset.  She had to get stuck 8 times before everything was done.  I promised her ice cream on the way home.  She survived all that.  Yesterday when I went to take the band aid off her leg she had a HUGE blister full of clear liquid where the band aid had been!  I'm glad shes over it.  She really milked all those pricks for everything she could.  This morning her teacher is coming over for a home visit.  They do things a little different in head start.  Most of the kids there are from lower income families and don't get the every day needs of life.  Like three meals a day and clean food.  I was talking to out advocate about it and she said some of these kids really do come from heart breaking situations.  I am very thankful that Trent works so hard to provide us with all of our needs and most of our wants.  I am now excited Brooklyn is getting such a great opportunity to be in the Head Start program.  She's very excited also and is so proud of her new back pack (Thanks Mrs. Murl)

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