Thursday, August 11, 2011

Head Start and a cupcake party

 While we were decorating I got a phone call from Head Start.  The lady asked if we were still interested in putting Brooklyn in I was thrown off and replied "possibly!"  She sounded thrown off and responded with is that a yes or no?  I laughed and told her I had thought she wasn't accepted because we hadn't heard anything from them yet.  So on Monday morning we have a meeting to finish the application process.  I am so torn.  I don't really want to give my baby over everyday (I know I still have Sophia).  Brooklyn is my quiet one that I worry about.  I know she'll be fine and well taken care of, and have a blast everyday.  I still worry if she will be to scared to ask to go potty (I was) or if someone is being mean to her how will she respond?  There is a certain kid at church that makes her cry a lot.  She doesn't really react at church but when we get in the car she's all upset.  Luckily that kid doesn't come all the time and has found some other victims to pick on.  Maybe I am more worried then I should be because she wont be here to entertain Sophia!  Some days that can be a big job in itself!  I wonder if I would be so worried if we had found out in June or July she was accepted and I had a little more time to emotionally plan for the "hand-over"?  I am relieved they don't have to wear uniforms so I at least don't have to think about that. 

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!!  He is one of Brooklyn's best friends and his birthday was on the 9th.  Brooklyn wanted to do something for him so we made some cupcakes.  All the kids had a great time decorating them and Chere and I had a good time eating them!  They had such a good time I think I might have a "cupcake center" outside for the kids to create their own at Brooklyn's birthday.  Then I'll just do maybe a 6 or 8 inch cake for the candles to go on.  I know I have plenty of time to think about it but it's an idea.

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Jessica said...

Don't let your worry breed into B. Just put on a happy face and tell her how much fun she will have. That way she will not even think she NEEDS to be worried about mean kids or bathrooms or anything else.
She will do fine as long as you don't let her think there are things to worry about.
She will ROCK pre-k!