Sunday, June 26, 2011


 So this isn't the best picture of me but it does (to me at least) show that I have lost a little weight.  i was down 18 pounds but not taking that prescription any more I have gained back 4 pounds!  I knew it would happen so I am not totally bummed but it is time to get serious again and lose what I gained. 
I have decided to start learning to make more things at home.  I have been wanting to try tortillas.  It was super easy to do and Brooklyn loved being able to help.  They were so good in the honey lime enchiladas I made for supper.  Both things I will be making again!  The tortillas were so good I put a little honey on them and we even had them for a snack!

We went and tried the new restaurant Crounching Dragon.  Seriously people go there!  It was so good and at a really good price too.  Notice Sissy eating her broccoli?

Nothing to exciting this week has happened.  I have almost bought everything to start cooking for Justin's reception.  I am almost done with the girls dresses for it.  And I bought a new cleaner that was so awesome I will be buying it in bulk!

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Kristen said...

You look so good!!!