Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brooklyn's gymnastics program

This past Tuesday was Brooklyn's gymnastics program.  She was really excited and nervous for it.  She has been working hard in class and practicing at home.  She did very well for the organized part of the program.  Once he kids did everything in their station they got 30 minutes to just run around and show off what they have learned.  Sophia got to play around too.  Brooklyn loves the balance beam the most so she kept going back to that.  She also would pull herself up on the bar.  In the end she was even doing flips by herself on the bar!  Depending on if she gets into head start or not we might put her and Sophia in leaps and bounds in August.  If she is in school I think it might be to much to have her in both.  With the way Sophia takes to everything we defiantly want her to have the same opportunity to do gymnastics or something until she starts school. 


Manas GTS said...

Hey,,,thecaillouets......Great view i can see you post about Kickboxing Brooklyn program. all kids are very good opportunity to do gymnastics or something until she starts school.

Ameri kicksi said...

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