Monday, June 6, 2011

Cathing up in a random order

So I have been trying different dress patterns for the girls for Justin's wedding.  This is another one I made.  I did both girls dresses slightly different.  They are in love with the cat fabric from momma and the fact it twirls so well.  I have decided to smock the girls dresses and I am thinking instead of using a traditional smocked dress pattern I might use this pattern and the top "cuff" will be what is smocked.  I have been working on some 4th of July smocking I am going to sew up in this pattern to see how I like it.  Maybe we can vote on which style is cuter.

I would also like to report I weighed myself the other day at 150!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm down 17 pounds since February.  I am no longer going to the weight loss clinic so the last 5 are all on me.  I am slightly nervous about these last five but I think I am up to the challenge.  It is nice that my clothes fit me now!  I still want to go shopping eventually.  Maybe after these last 5 are gone, we'll see.  I always say I want to go shopping but never buy anything when I do, even when someone is with me!

I french braided Brooklyn's hair in a circle on her head.  She loves her hair crown!

This morning I cleaned the garage.  I threw away a bunch of unneeded, in the way, stuff and rearranged a few other things.  When I was done sweeping it out I decided to vacuum it!  Our shop vac has a wide brush so it didn't take long.  It was kind of sad to pull the Xterra back in!  I worked in their about two hours and when I was done I looked like I had just entered a wet t shirt contest.  I started at 7:30 this morning and it was that hot already.  When I got inside and shower I tackled the laundry room.  It just needed to be straightened up some and have some holiday things put back into the attic.  Then I moved onto organizing the bills better, then back to Sissy's closet where my sewing stuff is.  Then I turned some blue vinyl table cloths into seat covers for out table.  They are pretty awesome.  I'll show some pictures of them later.  
At one point I went to check on the girls.  Brooklyn was getting Sissy ready for school.  They had their school set up in the kitchen.  It was to cute.

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PapaJeff said...

Cute dresses, cute girls. You've been busy! COme up and see us some time:).