Monday, February 14, 2011

todays jury duty adventure

So today I had jury duty.  I went in at 12:30 and there was already a line of people to get in.  At one we were led into a big room where we were checked in and the waited and waited.  I was sitting in the front row and was by some really nice and chatty people.  One guy was a manager at little ceaser and gave me some coupons for free cheesy bread and some little lc bracelets for the girls.  The lady I was next to is a private investigator!  How cool is that?  Anyways by 3:15 the judge finally came in and read her spill about who can be a juror etc, etc.  Then she told us if anyone has a hardship and can not serve on the jury to please come forward.  So I lined up in between two other stay at home moms.  All three of us were excused without prejudice.  I hated to get out of the jury, it would be a very interesting experience.  For me it just wasn't working out fr a babysitter this go around.  Maybe next time!  Thanks Mrs. Murl for wrangling the kids all day!

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PapaJeff said...

Too bad you couldn't stay. You'd have done great, considering your expertise in Law I and II (or did you just take I?). Regardless, hopefully you can make it onto a jury sometime.