Friday, February 18, 2011

My sick baby

So Sophia has had a cough for like 3 weeks and this morning she was coughing so hard she almost threw up.  I get to the dr's office and find out on top of her cough she had an ear infection.  No fever, has never pulled on her ear or made out like it was bothering her.  So now she has had no nap, and is so tired and cranky.  Bed time is coming early that girl.  While we were at walmart I let her pick out some new underware.  I think while Brooklyn is gone I am going to start 100% panties on Sophia.  Give her a few days to adjust.  Anyways out of all the underware there she picked little boys nickelodeon characters!  Lets hope it goes well for all of us. 

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PapaJeff said...

I hope my baby is feeling better! She looks so pitiful:). And good luck on the potty training.