Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Dr

Today I had a Dr's appointment to get some blood work done.  The girls came with me and were pretty well behaved so that was a plus.  When the appointment started I told him what was going on.  He asked me some basic questions on past and family health history.  Then he asked me if I was at home with the kids all day and how I felt at home.  I told him I am lonely.  I told him I didn't really have many friends and it feels like people only call me when  they needed something.  After this conversation he gave me a self depression test that I had to answer questions to.  Turns out I am just a little stressed out.  He then asked me if I would like to be on meds for that!  Um, NO I would not, thanks for asking.  He did recommend that I did something I enjoyed once a week by myself.  Thanks Doc for that.  Then they took my blood and will test it for thyroid issues, diabeties, high chlorestrol, and two other things.  He should have the results back tomorrow or friday.  I'll let you know how they turn out.


Jodi Bernard said...

Sorry you are having such a hard time! Being a mommy is a very hard job and a selfless one, and it's very easy to "hole up" and feel lonely and not make time for yourself. All of us moms get busy and overwhelmed and forget how important it is to spend time with our friends. We just need to kick each others' butts and remind each other of that! Girls night is coming up on Friday...maybe you need to put Trent on notice! ;)

Kristi said...

I'm sorry you are lonely. :o( I at least know how much being lonely stinks-we have NO one out here.

I keep meaning to thank you for the beautiful blanket you made and the cute little Who Dat onesie for my baby shower! I have a card for you that just keeps sitting on my table, but I don't have your address! I was trying to be sneaky and get it somehow, but I haven't had any luck.

I hope you feel better soon!

Jessica said...

jeni, go to that girls night out jodi mentioned! trent can watch the girls!

Lsaxon said...

Yea, you better come to girls night tonight! Sorry your having a hard time, sometimes I feel the same way and I find that I just need to reach out more. Don't be afraid to ask others for help or invite others to do stuff :)