Saturday, November 28, 2009


YESTERDAY WE GOT THE CANON REBEL T1i 15 MEGAPIXEL SLR!!!!!!!!!!!! We did not leave the house at the butt crack of dawn. We left when everybody was awake and cleaned up. Best buy had one left and it became ours, mainly thanks to Trent. He did all the research on them and figured out which one was the best and convinced me of it. Our girls do not do pictures studios and it has always made me very very sad to not have m walls plastered with my girls perfect smiling faces. Now that dream can happen at home! Along with the camera we got a 300$ extra lens and a bag for it all FOR FREE (again thanks to trent)!!!!!! I am still in heaven. I cant wait till tommorow and the girls are all cute in their church dresses and I can snap some pics while we wait for Trent to get ready (he showers last). Enjoy the pics from our new camera, the thanksgiving ones are from our old one.

Now I know I never finished the thankfulness days so here are some more in no particular order,

I am thankful we waited for so long to get the mirrior for our living room. today we found on we like SO much better for ALOT cheaper.
I am very thankful for Trent and all the hard work he does for his family. I love when he comes home from work and the girls are so excited to see him.
I am thankful for january when we will have morning church again.
i am thankful the flea market is this coming weekend. i am ready for round one.
i am thankful for my family and friends and all the support they give me in everything.


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