Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm so awsome it tires me out!!!

I dont want to jinx myself but I am awesome when it comes to time management.  I have everything done for the ward christmas party in two weeks (except cupcakes but we all want those to be fresh right?)  I have just written out the reciepies for the relief society christmas party and will be making everything thursday and friday.  But what is so awesome is I am done with everything for the flea market including the ordiments i can do until the vinyle comes in.  So maybe not awsome but some killer time management skills.  So while Trent naps, Brooklyn and Sophia play I am going to cut out the cutest jumper for a friends baby.  oh yeah my house is also clean and decorated for christmas.  I know i ooze with coolness, people are lining the streets to be my friend.  take a number people, take a number. 

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PapaJeff said...

Since you are so ahead of the game, want to come up and help straighten up at Papa's?

Good work, by the way.