Thursday, July 9, 2009

thunder thigh thursday

well they are not really thunder thighs anymore. i am down another lbs. 156!!!!! 2 more and i am at 10 lbs since march. so just 12 more to go to my goal weight. yay!!!!

the job search is going REALLY slow. trent has put out 25 resumes and has had no one call back. He's going to start pounding the pavement on monday. one good thing about having him home is the girls are bugging him ALL day and i get a little break. one weird thing about having him home, he loves the show yo gabba gabba. he downloaded all of their music and everything.


Jessica said...

Nick doesn't do YGG in the summer, so we are YGG free...Bart is drawn to it, too.
Good job on the weight loss.

Jamie said...

I like YGG, too. Congrats on getting rid of the pounds. I hope things pick up with the job search.

Kristi said...

You sound like you're doing a good job on the weight loss. What are you doing to lose weight so quickly? I've been trying for a year and haven't lost a pound.