Monday, July 13, 2009

how much can one person take?

the girls pillow case dresses. trent doesn't like them that much. i think they are adorable.

ewe were the ONLY ones at the park.

so you wonder how much can one family take. we'll we're about to our limit, seriously. two weeks ago tomorrow trent got laid off. we didn't qualify for food stamps, the government got something wrong and we don't get unemployment yet, or maybe not at all. brooklyn got a throat infection, sophia has an ear infection. i cut my finger so badly that it bled for two days. today i find out from the unemployment office that we shold have gotten food stamps. just when we want to scream trents car over heats and we barley get into a parking lot. we went into canes to let the car cool down. after about 15 minutes we got in and made it home. by the time we made it home the car was past the hot line. on top of everything trent has called tons of people, sent out 30 resumes and we have had NO interveiws or emails or call backs or ANYTHING. i think we have been tried and tested. much more and we might start failing our tests. oh yeah on top of everything my diaper bag broke beyond repair leaving me with no bag at all to use. i am so ready for a new day. maybe tomorrow will be diffrent.


PapaJeff said...

Talk about your bad days! Hang in there, you two. Things will begin to look up.. Just keep on plugging away, and keep the faith.


Jessica said...

Hugs Jeni! I am so sorry your day was so darn rotten. I hope you guys get some things turned around soon.
Love you.

Todd & Monica Knighton said...

There is light at the end of the tunel. God is testing you because he knows that you are strong.
We have lots of people in our ward or neighborhood in similar situation with yours. One has 8 kids and no nothing form anywhere.

The Awesome Rawsons said...

hang in there darlin! what does trent do, by the way? i'll keep my ears open!