Monday, May 4, 2009

our weekend

our weekend started by us going to natchez for my mom's video premiere. we all met up at ryans in one of their back rooms to eat and watch her dvd. i am super excited about the instructional videos she'll be selling soon. anyways sophia decided she would feed herself potatoes and bits of bread. super cute but very very messy.

saturday me, trent, and my dad went on a 2 hour motorcycle ride. that's the bike i rode. it was so much fun. i was so excited i almost peed on myself. i think god made me to ride motorcycles.
sunday we didn't go to church because both of the girls have pink eye, in both of their eyes. as we were at home, right after i got out of the shower, a pretty bad storm hit and a very very very big tree fell down. fell right onto the power lines breaking it in half and when it hit it hit right on the water line. so trent didn't get to shower. it landed about 15 feet from my moms car. we ended up after the storm came through loading up and coming home. there wasn't much we could help with and we didn't want to be in the way either. the tree is so big i couldn't get the whole thing in a single shot!!!!! for more pictures of all of this go on my side bar and click on the pictures of the kids.
p.s. i am down to 158. 5 lbs!!!


Jessica said...

Great job losing weight. I am glad the premiere was nice.
Didn't daddy have some chain saws you guys could have helped cut the tree up with??? I guess we get a BIG bon fire this summer!

Jenn said...

That tree is huge. I guess it was time for it to fall. How fun about your mom's video :)

Kristen said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! That tree is huge! I think you should take me to your parents' house to take me on a ride on the motorcycle.