Friday, December 20, 2013

The dr

Well instead of canceling the allergist appointment I just changed the time so Sophia could go to her school Christmas party. When we got to the dr both girls were running fever but not very high. We went do the list of happenings around the time of the hive breakout. The dr didn't think it was allergies at all. Since Sophia has been running fever off and on since the hives he thinks it was the first sign of Sophia getting sick. Now that Brooklyn is also running fever I can see that!  This dr was great he even walked down to our pediatricians office to talk to the nurse and help us get an appointment for first thing this morning.  We are going at nine today. On the way home we were going to stop by hobby lobby to pick out our new Christmas ordiments for the year. As soon as Brooklyn got out of the vehicle she started crying saying she was so tired. We loaded back up and started to head home. Brooklyn slept from 4:30 pm to 6:30 the next morning!!!!!  Sophia seems to feel a little better but Brooklyn doesn't. Now I don't feel very well at all!  I'm going to ask their dr what I should take to get on my feet ASAP!  We are supposed to have some people over for supper tonight and I really want to be able to visit with these friends. Hopefully we can get a prescription and everyone feel much better by this afternoon. Did I mention we also have a dentist appointment today at noon?!

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PapaJeff said...

Poor girl babies! I definitely hope you're good by Monday. I'm running a bit of a fever myself. Tylenol COld and Flu, here I come.