Monday, December 16, 2013


On Sunday December 8th we came home from church like any other Sunday. Around four Sophia said her back was itching. I checked it out and only saw a small rash. I took a picture of it an texted her church teacher to see if anyone else was itching. She said no. Around seven she was saying she itched everywhere and her back looked like the bottom picture!  We gave her Benadryl and put caladryl and Benadryl cream on it. By morning 95% of it was gone but I still took her to the dr. Dr. Gesn said it looked like allergies. Said it could also be a fluke thing and we could just keep an eye one it and if it happens again come back for an allergist appointment, or we could go ahead and make an appointment. I went ahead and made an appointment for this coming Thursday. I have decided to cancel it since Sophia hasn't had any signs of anything being wrong and nothing in our diets have changed. No new laundry detergents or lotions.  Since dr. Gesn is aware of what's going on if needed I can easily make a new appointment. Just say a prayer it's just a fluke occurrence!

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