Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 4th of July and Pioneer day!

For the 4th this year I had planned a potluck/ bake off/ ice cream making activity for church.  I was a little worried how it would turn out but I thought everything went great.  There was a ton of food and desserts!  The activity was making ziplock bag ice cream.  The kids and some adults really enjoyed watching the milk turn into ice cream.  The best part is the ice cream is just sooo good (and my oreo truffles won the bake off)!

We have been so busy this summer that I have lost track of what has been going on. I took the girls to the movies to see Yogi Bear.  I had wanted to try Sissy out and see how she would behave at a theater. It was part of the rave free movies I figured if she was not behaving and I had to leave I wouldn't be out any money.  She passed that test!  The weekend after we took the girls to see the new movie Brave.  I think it is my new favorite princess movie.  The girls were so well behaved that we will probably try to catch another early bird movie and see Ice Age this weekend or next!

We have also gone to the sprinkler park, lunch dates with Trent, play dates with our new friends, spent more  hours then I can count in their pool, Explored more of Baton Rouge, and so much more I can't even remember without looking at my calender!

Now my next few weeks are so busy I literally planned each day.  I'll fill you in on last week till the 20th!  Last week I raked up all the mulch in our landscaping.  This weekend we set up our pipe under our sidewalk for our new irrigation system.  Monday morning Mrs. Murl and I started to put out the piping.  After long hours of work, and some set backs, we finished about 5p.m!  Tuesday morning I went to put the drippers in and it started raining.  I came in and started baking for a wedding cake, grooms cake, and birthday cake all for this weekend.  Around 11 a friend came over with her beautiful baby and we sewed for hours.  A quick trip to WM and supper then to church for a sewing class I was in charge of.  I am already planning our next sewing night for September!  We got home and the girls in bed around 9.  Then Trent and I still had to work out!
Today I finish baking and all the long list of things that go along with doing all these cakes!  Tomorrow I decorate, Friday I deliver and go to the temple.  Saturday I  pass out and Sunday is my bro-in-laws birthday party!
Next week is a wedding cake, grooms cakes, and baby shower cake!  Plus making rompers and a shirt for Princess Aubree's 1st birthday!!!!!

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