Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brooklyn's first lost tooth

Yesterday after the girls and I were watching tv in my bed.  Brooklyn suddenly held up a bloody tooth and said, "mom my baby tooth came out".  Sure enough there was a tooth in her hand and an empty spot in her mouth!  I didn't even know the tooth was loose!  I don't think she knew it was loose either!  She was very excited so we called grandparents to let them know.  About 3 hours later I heard her crying and asked what happened.  She asked me if I could put her tooth back in her mouth because she didn't like how the empty spot felt.  I had to explain to her that a new tooth will grow back and everyone has lost their baby teeth, it is just a part of rowing up.  She gave me a hug and told me she felt much better!  The tooth fairy came and brought her a new dollar bill.  She was very excited this morning about that and is going to let Sophia help her pick out a prize.  What a sweet big sister!

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