Friday, December 9, 2011

Mad enough to cry

Seriously last night I was mad enough to cry.  Wednesday afternoon around 2 I was asked by a frantic person to help with this thing THURSDAY night.  O.k. person calm down, what do y'all have, what do you  need?  I was asked to make baked beans, a cake, and some vases as thank yous.  I also said I can help but my kids will be with me.  The person said that was fine.  Easy peasy right?  So I come home with Brooklyn STILL not feeling well and get to work.  I baked and brown hamburger and etch glass not getting any kind of break from my already busy Wednesday.  Thursday I make frosting, finish cake, decide to make a pie and some cookies too.  When I go to Brooklyn's school to pick her  up her teacher tells me that shes not feeling good and during recess she LAID DOWN ON THE GROUND AND FELL ASLEEP. Um, why did no one CALL ME!  She hasn't been feeling well off and on since Saturday night.  I called her Dr, who wasn't in so we had to see a different dr.  It's 2, I get an appointment for 2:20.  After a short wait we see the Dr.  She had a 103 fever (and weighs 50lbs)!  Diagnosis is a sever throat infection.  Yay for antibiotics.  We then run to Wal-mart to get that filled, we are home by 4.  By 5:15 we are leaving to go to the thing I said I would help with, food and sick kid (and a healthy one) in tow.  I drive 30 minutes to get to this thing (did I mention Trent was supposed to be going to it too, it was a mens thing).  Get there, unload, start to settle in.  Someone comes to me and tells me when it starts I will have to make other arrangements for the kids because they have been telling the MEN they can't bring kids!  WTF.  I just busted my butt to get all this ready and be up here on time.  Oh by the way can you leave your camera?  Yeah sure but don't touch it till Trent gets there.  We don't like people using our camera really.  Trent can't find the place and is mad about that so he is saying he is just going to come home.  He finds it, goes in and instead of staying gets our camera, signs in and leaves.  He's home by 7:30.  I was so mad last night that, maybe because of very little sleep every night, I could have cried anytime I thought about it.  I am okay with it now.  I get wanting to be fair to everyone.  If they had said no kids I would have said no I can't help and would not have spent almost $40 bucks between supplies and gas!  It was just really frustrating for me and Trent both.   Lesson learned.

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