Thursday, October 27, 2011

OnLine ordering

I hate shopping online.  Trent likes to.  I order some things today on for in store pick up.  Then I got an email back saying they didn't have two of the things and those things were canceled.  I reordered them and am having them sent to the my MIL house.  Now hours later I get another email saying that the first doll house I ordered will be available for in store pick up next week again!!!!   WHAT!.  I tried to cancel my second order.  It's a no go.  So now I have two doll houses coming!  As soon as the in store one get in i guess It will just have to be returned.  I am super frustrated with this.  I think I'll just stick to going to the stores from now on.

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Jessica said...

I like ordering online. It's so easy to find the best price. I haven't had any issues like you did though.