Tuesday, March 8, 2011

m first square cake

On March 20th I have a wedding cake, and it's square.  I have never done fondant on a square cake without momma so I figured I needed to practice.  Not to shabby for a first try.  Now this was just for a play date and done some what in a rush so I didn't do a frosting damn.  Now I have frosting bulge.  Don't you hate it when that happens!  I guess even when I am in a rush a frosting damn is needed. 


Jessica said...

i believe you leave the "N" off of dam when referring to frosting.

PapaJeff said...

Why do you want to damn your frosting? What has it done to you?

thecaillouets said...

jessie i just like spelling damn. I'll damn it for making me fatter!