Saturday, March 26, 2011

catching up

 Sophia hasn't been taking naps lately.  So this is the result.  I find it quiet funny. 

 Brooklyn watched the cheerleaders like a tiger watches its prey
 Sissy loved watching them but thought it was too loud!
 I'm so cute.  The drummer was awesome!

Wednesday night the BYU pep band and cheerleaders were at our church building doing a show for us.  They were pretty awesome.  We got to sit right in the front on the floor so me and the girls had the perfect veiw.  Brooklyn was so nervous of the cheerleaders but on the way home she talked non stop about being a cheerleader when shes in school.  Now she wants an outfit and keeps working on her flips.  Shes even more excited about gymnastics to tell her teacher about them.

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PapaJeff said...

Very nice pictures. I really love the one of Sophia asleep on the chair. Reminds me a lot of her Mama when she was small - she'd hardly ever stop, but when she did stop, it was out like a light time:).