Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the last few weeks

they lined up in size order all by themsleves

that is concrete tiger poop!  no joke rachel and i saw it and at the same time reached for our cameras.  then we died laughing because what a random thing to take a picture of.  Great minds think alike!

you are not supposed to feed the animals, but we do anyways!

If you look closely you'll notice there is a walmart bag hanging out of her drivers side door.  There was a bee in it!  Rachel rode like that till she saw a trash can.  I had to snap a picture!

Trent's birthday cake for his work cook off
Trent even helped cook! 

The "Three Crackers Cooking"  (Trent picked the name)

This picture was taken forever ago.  We were at CEC and sissy just laid down and fell asleep!

She wouldn't be still but she was enjoying her ice cream!  

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