Friday, September 10, 2010

Brooklyn's first day of dance

This is the dress is made for Sophia's birthday.  It was made from a sheet and one of my old shirts

Getting ready for her first day of Dance

Today was Brooklyn's first day at The Little Gym.  She woke up very excited but as it became closer to leave she became really nervous.  I decided to take her early to see the facility and meet the teachers and watch some other kids in their classes.  The ladies were very impressed with me doing that.  Brooklyn's teacher Ms. Lauren said she wished more parents would do that, it would make things easier for the kids.  Brooklyn got to spend almost a whole hour with just the teacher talking and becoming less scared.  By the time class started she was relaxed and ready to go.  They did 15 minutes of tap, then 15 minutes of ballet and finished with 30 minutes of gymnastics.  Brooklyn was very serious with the whole thing.  She followed Laurens instructions to the T.  She is so excited to start her every Friday classes in October.  I think we are going to buy her a leotard and some tights.  She doesn't have to have one for the class but if I can find one cheap enough I might consider it as her birthday present.  I am how ever not going to buy tap shoes or ballet shoes.  Her converse work just fine for tap and she can do the ballet stuff barefoot.  I was so nervous for her once the class started.  I am so proud of her for doing so well.  Sophia has to get bigger to take the classes but it will be so exciting to have them doing it together.  Brooklyn was trying to show her how to twirl with her hands over her head.  She has got to work on it!


PapaJeff said...

Great stuff! Be a good gymnast, Brooklyn!

Jessica said...

you better buy that girl a leotard and tights AND the shoes to match...i think even WM sells 'em...don't make my niece be a rebel in converses at dance class :p

Jessica said...

i bought her leotard, it'll be there before go get her some tights, a tutu, and shoes. :D i did the easy part :D