Wednesday, December 16, 2009


the cupcake tree for the ward christmas party.  the picture above that is brooklyn fitting into sophias dress!!!!!  So this past week was a really good week.  Sissy has been feeling much much better.  We went back to the dr on monday.  her test results was it was an epidermal inclusion cyst.  non cancerous!!  we shouldnt even have to go back to see the dr!  I am no longer sick and brooklyns allergies are all under control.  So we're all doing good. 
The flea market weekends are over.  I did a little less then alright.  The weather was just awful.  Freezing one weekend and raining the next.  This weekend I am doing chris colemans grooms cake.  Next weekend is christmas and a possiable 80's themed 40th birthday cake.  Then I get to rest some and not stress so much.  This year for us has been EXTREMELY stressful for me.  which sucks because when i am stressed even if i am eating right i dont loose weight.  thats why i only lost five lbs this year and not my goal twenty.  five is better than nothing though.

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