Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dear blank

dear (fill name in here),
        so our whole "friendship" you have been using me.  I mean the WHOLE time.  I kinda ignored it at first  but then it became more obvious.  i had actually thought we could be real friends.  i dont really have many of them and not any that live close.  but please dont call me anymore.  i am physically and emotionally tired of doing things for you.  if you call already know that i am unavailable.  it is a fact that people use me.  it has always been like for me growing up.  only getting called or invited out when someone needed something.  i am done being that person.  now i am not going to say what happened today, or who with but if you feel guilty twords someone maybe you should include them a little more.  maybe even apoligize.  you probably weren't doing it intintionally, but it hurts them.  i know.

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