Friday, October 16, 2009


Well yesterday was mine and trent's four year anniversary. For lunch me and the girls went to LSU (he's taking a class this week to learn some new software for work) and met up with trent. We ate at the canes there then went to an LSU shop till he had to go back to class. We'll be going out "kid free" this weekend to celebrate. And there is alot to celebrate. This year has been really rocky for us. Suprisingly when he was not working, no problems! It's funny how and when the Lord wants to test you. Trent got a new LSU watch for his gift and I got a new sewing achine. I didn't want one but mine DIED. As in would do NOTHING. Just sit and mock me. I a over greiving for it though because my new one does much nicer button holes so I am happy. I am still getting used to it though. It's like a new car, has to be broken in.

Since i last posted we went to the zoo with the girls for the first time. I thought Brooklyn was going to freak out. She loved it. Uncle Devin and her Daddy were there to protect her at first, but after the first few animals she warmed up to the idea of them in cages and had a great time. I can't wait to go back for boo at the zoo next weekend. I think I might even buy a year pass for 40$ and take them maybe once a month.

Trent also had his 34th birthday. We had a party for him at his mommas on sunday and on monday night we went out to a mexican place with the London's. They did the big hat and sang to him. It was such a great time.

My mom and I also did a cake demo in Natchez. I think it went over really well. maybe I can do them with her more often.
I'm not on y computer so I can't post pics. I'll add them later, or you can go to my side bar and click on "our family pics" and see it all now. more later

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