Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Funnest Day Ever!!!!

Yesterday we needed a break. So we took one. We started the morning out by running some simple errands (we were out of baby wipes, couldn't wait). Then at noon we meet up with the London's at Mr. Gattie's. This is not a place we normally go to, to many kids, too loud, too much chaos. When we get there in thr parking lot is this guy who gives us a free 5$ visa card. It is for Capital One appreciation day or something. So we go in and it's almost empty! All the kids are in school. We go eat in the room so Brooklyn and Lauren could play some while we ate. The pizza is pretty good. Now you can go crazy at a buffet but I kept it simple. I'm still doing weigh in wednesday's, not always posting though. Last week I was 157. So anyways we eat then go play games. Between all of us we got 500 and something tickets (I had hit the jack pot on a game). We all got the kids cute little treats. Now it's 2p.m. We leave and decide to go swimming. Just a side note Lauren went potty at the food place. I know why you are wondering why I am excited someone's elses child went potty, well because it is a big succeess when a kid is potty training in public. So anyways we go to the London's to swim. Brooklyn was scared to death of the water, she opted to play on the swing set. Sophia on the other hand loved it. She loved it so much that at 4 we put her in a boat, floated her to the shady part and she TOOK A NAP!!!! We had so much fun just relaxing worrying about nothing. At the end Brooklyn was putting her feet in the pool. Maybe next time her whole body. We left about 7. Brooklyn fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up till 7 this morning!!!! We ended the night with a movie, then bed. I was exhausted. Today I am going to spend my birthday money. If I don't spend it now on myself I'll end up buying something for everyone else!

On a side note Rachel took pics yesterday and we think we got unemployment worked out.


Jessica said...

Post Rachel's pictures...I want to see.
I hope the UNE works out quickly!
And, I am so glad you had a good day...you truly needed one!
Buy stuff only for JENI and not for anybody else...

Kristen said...

I agree with your sister, you better only buy stuff for you. That's great about unemployment.

Cherie' said...

So glad you guys had such an awesome day! Ya'll deserve it!!