Thursday, April 23, 2009

another bad day?

i found another great use for the cricut. i have made name stencels out of thick card stock, pinned them on and painted the names. the hats are for some neighborhood girls who play on the same softball team. i think they turned out super cute.
now to the bad day part. yesterday morning was AWFUL!!! this morning has not started off on a good foot either. Sophia woke up at 5:30. Brooklyn woke up at 6 something and started the day off by kicking sophia a few times. i get out of my shower and what do i find? MILLIONS of nerds everywhere. yes brooklyn pulled up a chair, climbed on the cabinet and got the nerds from the very top of the shelves, then dropped them. she managed to eat some of them during my breif shower. everywhere i find those yummy balls of candy goodness, even afte i have swept, twice! when's nap time again?


Jessica said...

Nerds, Cherrios, Legos...things that I hate b/c they get all over my floors.
Hope nap time is a long and good one.

Kristen said...

Sorry the day's off to a bad start. Hopefully ya'll all get good long naps today, including you!

Jenn said...

I really hope naptime was better. This looks just as bad as glass to clean up.