Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Almost my Birthday!!!

Tomorrow I will be 30 years old..... I know that's not old by any means. I have spent a little time reflecting over the last year though. I had a lot of goals and plans to accomplish before tomorrow but sadly a lot of them just weren't done. Then I started to wonder what was I doing instead of working on my goals? I was working on spending more quality time with the girls and Trent. I was working at work! I was working in my old church calling and my new activity day calling (those girls have no idea what they are in for!). I have been working on trying to be a better friends to the people I have here and to an amazing friend who lives to far away. So even though I didn't accomplish my written down goals I do feel that I have accomplished quiet a bit! I am looking forward to the next birthday year and all the good and bad it bring! I am also very excited to see my dad on the 29th and enjoy celebrating our birthdays together! I love that man so much!


Kristen said...

You've done a lot in the last year even if it doesn't seem like it. Love you!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!
And that is why being deliberate in our parenting, relationships, etc is important, so we can make sure we try to do the BEST in our good, better, best!
I am trying that very hard this year, to do the BEST so I don't waste a minute of my last months in omaha with this amazing friends before I return to Louisiana to be around amazing family and be deliberate in my actions there. :)
30 is a pretty awesome age, btw.