Thursday, February 13, 2014


I feel like I know pain.  I have my babies naturally for goodness sakes. But I have never EVER felt anything like this back pain before. I woke up last Wednesday just fine. But Wednesday night I could hardly walk!  Not sure what I did but it was to my lower back.  Thursday I went to the dr. On the very short walk from my car to the door I was literally crying I hurt so bad. Dr said I had pulled a muscle that was so swollen it was causing a nerve to be pinched!  I was prescribed ibrofin and some sort of muscle relaxer. By Saturday I was still in excruciating pain. Barely able to move, not being able to do anything!  I feel a little better now. I can go to work and do things around the house this week but I am still in a crazy amount of pain. Apparently it can take weeks to heal!  Doesn't my body know I don't have weeks?  I am already irritated I couldn't finish my advocare challenge and now I have to wait weeks to get back to a normal gym schedule?  I know I am kind of complaining and everyone else has much worse then that going on but I just wanted to get that out there!

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