Monday, March 4, 2013

Another ankle injury

 Today I got a call from Brooklyn's school telling me she hurt herself and I needed to come and get her.  I kept praying ti wasn't to bad since we don't have insurance right now.  When I got their the school nurse was checking her out.  Her ankle isn't sprained it's just bruised.  What a relief!!!!  She is milking it for all it's worth but keeps telling me she's okay to go to school tomorrow.  It's slightly swollen so I wrapped it in my ace bandage and she seems to be fine.  Lucky for her my ankle is starting to not hurt enough for me to not have to wear it!  Like mother, like daughter I guess.
This weekend I finally got the storage cubes I have been wanting!

Trent got a job!  Today was his first day (he's still at work), so I ave nothing to report yet.  He is working at a place called CSRS on Perkins road.  He will be doing the same kind of work he was doing at NTB.  He seemed to like it when he was filling out paper work.  He said they are definitely more professional there!  Hopefully this can be a long term place for him and us.  Instead of the typical 90 day wait for insurance it's only 30!  Also he is so close to his dad's office he can eat lunch with him a couple of times a week.  What was nice about this job was they weren't even advertising for it yet!  A friend of his arranged the meeting and he was hired the next day!  I will be going back to working 30 hours a week and hopefully not be so exhausted all the time!

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