Monday, November 7, 2011

Rochelle's Baby Shower

A couple of hours after Brooklyn's birthday party we had Rochelle's baby shower.  I changed out some decorations and cleaned up real fast.  As I was going to put some things in the oven our power went out!  It stayed off till half way through the shower!  Luckily it was a nice breezy day and we could open the windows and stay cool.  We later heard there was a really bad wreck and one of the cars had hit a power line.  I think the shower went great.  We had a good number of people come and Rochelle got a TON of loot!  While she was opening her presents Sissy laid down in the middle of everything and fell asleep on the floor!
As baby shower people were leaving some friends were showing up to eat supper and watch the game.  I can't believe I stayed awake the whole game but I managed.  I did take all of Sunday off from cleaning house and have been super busy doing that all morning.  I have even straighten up the garage and gotten some things better organized in the attic!  Noe for lunch and finish vacuuming the girls bedrooms.