Thursday, January 20, 2011

a word

I was talking to Jessie on the phone today about her word for the year.  She has decided her word is courage.  She wants to be less shy and do things she has or would not have attempted before.  I thought to myself Jessie is one of the most courageous people I know and she thinks she needs MORE!  She walks into a room and the heavens open and angles play trumpets and a light shines down on her!  Seriously, well at least that's what I see when Jessie walks into a room.  It got me thinking what was my word this year.  It didn't take me long to decide: CHANGE. 

I am already going through a major change.  Our house is for sell.  We want to move to the Galvez area.  Not to far away.  Now we like Denham Springs and we love the friends we have made but we have never really felt like this was going to be our forever home.  So our beautiful house is for sale and I am bugging my Realtor all the time.  Hopefully we can move into the next part of our lives.

I'll tell you more of the changes I have in mind a little here and a little there but for now does someone want to buy my bowflex?!

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Jessica said...

you're too funny...angels don't sing, but if eric hutchinson wanted to, that'd be okay.
have you put your bowflex on craigslist yet?