Thursday, November 4, 2010

Brooklyns party

Monday Brooklyn turned a big 4 years old.  Its hard to believe she has been with us this long.  We love her so much.  Shes funny and kind.  She loves her baby sister and helps sis out all she can.  She loves going to her dance class and practicing during the week.  She loves to sing songs and say her prayer all by herself.  She wanted a Tinker Bell party.  She had cupcakes and yummy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (I learned about them from Jessie's blog, Thanks!)  Her and her friends played outside and had a great time. 
She has already decided what her theme is next year and how she wants her cake to look!

On a different note I got a bread maker!  It was only like 20 bucks and it's brand new.  I really enjoyed waking up to the scent of fresh baked bread Wednesday!  I can't wait to try some different kinds of bread!


Jessica said...

her tutu outfit is way cute and her party looks like a lot of fun.

Jodi Bernard said...

She is such a big girl!!! Looks like you had a great, girly party!!! Yes, the tutu is DARLING!!