Friday, August 28, 2009


Thanks health care system for not letting me take my child to the dr. Yesterday I had called Sophia's new peditrition (long story) to see if she could be seen. The nurse said since she was a new patient she couldn't be seen till next week. I kindly said that won't do i'll just tak her to the after hours clinic. We arrive at the after hours clinic right at three. The nurse checking us in said that since we have medicade they can only see Sophia with a dr.s referral. It has to be the dr medicade has assisigned. I called the new dr's office and the nurse tells me they might not be able to send a referral since they have never seen Sophia before, but she would check. So I am put on hold then the phone cuts off. I tried calling back for 30 minutes, no answer just an answering machine. (remember we're still at the after hours clinic). I was so PISSED OFF we left, Sophia never beeing seen by anyone. So she is still congested, still has a light rash ALL over her body an no where to take her. Hardly seems right to me. I wonder if I had been any other race would that have happened? I'm not being racist, just a thought.


Jessica said...

i still can't believe how crazy that is.
i just had a thought, too...could sophia have eczema? try washing her clothes in some sort of dye free soap. jackson gets a light rash all over and that is what he has.

Holly said...

Wow Jeni, that is crazy! Eli has a rash and runny nose for a few days, might be something going around at church. I didn't bring him in because Kailey had the same thing when she was a baby, and the doctor said that is was just a mild virus and there really wasn't anything that can be done, just wait for it to pass. Also, Kailey ran a low fever this past week with a runny nose.I just figured that they picked up some germs somewhere.

Happy late birthday! Sorry you had such a frustrating day.